We've all got a mission.

Us? Well...

We just want to change the .

A bit ambitious, we know... but here's the idea:

Think of change as a notion that all things - due to any number of internal or external forces at work - can be (or have been) fundamentally dismantled and re-established. In our eyes, this is an optimistic and forward-focused view. Change presents itself as an opportunity to replace tired paradigms and dejected outlooks with more modern, healthy, and sustainable ideologies; for the makers and breakers of the rules to find ways to reinvent or circumvent them with the purpose of disrupting convention.

You should never underestimate your own ability to be a force of positive change. There is an amazing power in numbers, but it's the individual - the person who stands up for not only their own wellbeing, but for that of the world around them - that makes change possible. It's the person who believes that - despite our faults and shortcomings (as plenty as they may be) - the future of humanity is worth the time and effort that we can expend now.

Change is a constant and unfaltering force of the awe-inspiring universe in which we have the incredible privilege to exist, and our mission is to be a force of positive change in our industry, nation, and world; to help shape a more sustainable future for our planet. For our children. For our communities.

For everyone.