Why didn't I get a Windows 10 Installation DVD?

As happens to most technologies, the optical disc has now effectively become a relic of a more... simple time - but fret not! If you need to reformat your system, you can use the pre-installed recovery partition to start fresh with a brand new installation of Windows 10.

Where's my Windows 10 Product Key?

Your notebook’s serial number is registered with a Windows 10 Digital Product Key. This means that your license is automatically activated over the internet, and activation persists through complete wipes - even drive replacements! If you ever need your 25-digit license for any reason, simply contact customer support and request it.

Can I order a notebook with Windows 7 instead?

Beginning at the start of 2020, Microsoft has dropped support (security updates) for Windows 7. For this reason, we choose not to sell any of our notebooks with copies of Windows 7 (or earlier).

Need something else?

Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions!

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